Mission Impossible

Does someone you love own something so offensive that you’re dying to get rid of it? I had that situation today with my mother and this horrible white shag rug.
1. It was absolutely filthy.
2. She wasn’t even using it, it was sitting there folded in the sunroom attracting dust.
Obviously she would never throw it out. And on my daily errands/ to work I kept forgetting to throw it in a public trash can; I reached my wit’s end last week as I was sorting through books in the sunroom and it shifted and touched me!
So today, I woke up with a purpose. I absolutely had to get rid of it. No joke, I woke up, nude, threw on my trenchcoat, flasher style, riding boots grabbed my keys, the rug and ran down the street. Ejecting the rug from my life!
Really, I don’t have to get any work done today because that’s a week’s accomplishment in itself.

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