Golden Boy is Smokey da Bear!


So the golden boy Michael Phelps is apologizing for his naughty behaviour and pictures published of him in the British press ripping a bong hit.  Apparently he was at several University of South Carolina parties — while visiting a gal pal– macking the coeds and ripping bong hits.  His PR team tried to cover up by essentially bribing the press, presenting what they called a “mutually beneficial” relationship, but the pictures came out anyway.  Pictures like these can cost him endorsement deals with AT&T, Speedo and the like.   While I was reading the articles there was a douchebag providing his insight and sound bites, like “The girls were all over him and the guys wanted to be his best friend,” or “He grabbed the bong and definitely knew what he was doing.” 

I think his apology is great and he’s America’s golden boy but come on!  He goes to the University of Michigan.  He’s a college kid.  He’s going to party, he’s like super man in the water, but he’s a real person.  And the fact that there are jerks out there willing to sell these pictures while partying with him is kind of low and pathetic.  But hey, money talks, they don’t have endorsement deals….

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