Day 5 – Friday June 11 2009

Friday –

Sometimes I love not speaking the language because certain things absolutely get lost in translation. For example, not so sure what the context of the conversation was today but all of a sudden Chiara said, “e Breakdance” and stood up and started popping and locking at the table while the children nodded in agreement. Then she began to moonwalk! And asked me the word for it and if she was doing it correctly!

Today was an extremely long day. Fillipo and I had our first lesson! Chiara took Jacopo and Alice out for errands and we went for a while! He enjoyed it and he was truly learning a lot. He’s really good and remembers things like a sponge so I think he’ll do really well in his English classes. He always tries to speak to me in English so that’s great. He’s definitely learning. Now I know why stay at home moms are so tired. If nothing else, I’ll learn how to run a household during this trip. Chiara’s great, she took Filipo to visit his old school mates since he only switched to the school next to their house in the past year. So we all drove into Milan, it was great seeing old stomping grounds haha.

All the kids were ECSTATIC to see Filipo. He’s so nice it makes sense that he was so well liked but it was crazy, he was like a celebrity, later that night, at the end of the year party dinner, all the children were attempting to take photos with him.  It was amazing. There was another lost in translation moment, Chiara said we had to go to her parents’ factory to make goblet hats for the boys scouting trip on Sunday. I met Nonno Castro, who said I was beautiful, but also hugged me and called me Obama’s sister.

Racist? Nah, not if you’re Italian. We went in the back in the factory where Alice proceeded to gather up fur scraps and claim them for her room. I found her a prime piece striped with different types of pelts. I think she really liked me after that. So the goblet hats basically looked like santa hats but in Orange and Blue with the inverse colour pompom sewn on them. Pom poms that I made I might add! Learning skills, learning skills. We made one of these funny looking elf hats for everyone in the family. Maybe a goblet is an elf? On our way back to Cisliano we received Jacopo’s grades and he showed me his school room which was pretty cool. It was great that he wanted to show it to me as well. I consider it a breakthrough.

Haha then he went back to antagonizing his family as 13 year olds are prone to do. His problem today was that he didn’t want to go to fat & ugly Vanessa’s birthday party that he was invited to. During the day we also went to like the Italian Modell’s and bought her a bday present. A swimsuit, which I think is hardly appropriate to give a fat ugly preteen but so be it.  She got held back (something that cleared up another lost in translation moment at breakfast when the fam was asking me how to saw when someone has to repeat a grade) so most of the people she was inviting Jacopo wasn’t even friends with. Turned out she only invited him and like 5 other people so it was good he went. It was at stables. While he was there, we went to Fillipo’s old school’s pizza party, which he was the celebrity of as a mentioned. There was a chubby awkward girl who threw up gang signs in pictures and made me laugh so hard I was going to piss myself. The waiter thought I was a child so I got served early with the children (not complaining) but Chiara said the pizza at this restaurant was absolute crap. One girls mother spoke fluent English. She was beautifully tanned with a head of silver hair and a tattoo on her shoulder. I was a bit mesmerized by her. She was the mother of the class tomboy Nina, who Fillipo was really good friends with and Chiara jokingly said, “may as well be a boy” she then told me in a loud whisper “seriously, a lot of lesbians play soccer. My sister in law does!” But she’s okay with Lesbians of course. All in all it was a good night. When Jacopo came and met us he was in a corner at one point so Chiara sent me to go get him, thinking maybe he’d talk to me. I hope to get closer to him in Gallipoli.


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Obama HELP! We’re wearing UGGS!


As Obama revealed his new ideas and opinions about the economic stimulus plan today, I perused the shoe section of the Chelsea Loehmann’s on a tip that there were Manolos, Jimmys and Louboutins going for as little as $150…Oh my!  My source was correct!  While I did not spot any Louboutins, I did see quite a few styles of Manolos and Jimmys.  And these were not the whimsical, over-the-top, jeweled bow encrusted, must be dyed for ____’s wedding styles you’re accustomed to seeing at bargain basement prices– ahem, Stuart Weitzman–, these were bombshell strappy sandals, goddess flats, fab pumps. (more…)

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It’s a New Day!

Swording inI’ve just returned from DC and needless to say, the energy there was amazing.  My friend Callie, over in Buenos Aires summed it up best, “The whole world is soo ready for this.”  Just being in the streets of D.C., there was just a frenetic energy.  Everyone was so excited, so positive, I’ve never seen anything like it.  Even the attendants at the supermarket seemed to smile a little more.  I know I may even be being paranoid, but people seemed to actually smile at Pat and I as a couple as well.  D.C. has always been called the politicians Hollywood… I call it, the UGLY Hollywood, but Hollywood and politics combined.  Obama’s position as the rock star politician was confirmed as everyone from Beyonce– an inaugural favorite– to Sting flocked to D.C. for this event.  The concert at the National Mall was amazing, James Taylor, B, Usher, Jack Johnson, to name a few.  Too bad I couldn’t go to the Obama girls’ concert where Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers serenaded them.  Jay-Z gave a free concert….  D.C. was also just a lot warmer temperature wise.  As Brooke said, being there at this time is a must.  It’s almost the Woodstock of our generation.  There were tears in my eyes watching Obama being sworn in.  I’m still definitely in disbelief that this is the image of the Free  World’s first family.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.

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Separation of Church and State

JUST KIDDING!  I’m definitely not going to tackle that serious issue.  But that’s how I explained my distaste for Obama-frenzy to my friend Heather, a reporter for NHK, which for those of you who don’t know is like the CNN or BBC for Japan.   As I am Heather’s live source for all things poppy, she’s mine for all things political, and I provide her with great outlandish quotes and soundbites.  When you wake up in Heather’s house, you wake up to MSNBC, and one morning, groggy, I said, “I’m sooo over Obama.  I believe in a separation of church and state.” (more…)

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