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As I mentioned before, my friend Heather works at NHK. There’s something I kind of love about other countries as they toss “politically correctness” threw the window. Eg. The Spanish Bball teams team picture at the Olympics this summer or Italy’s “Anti-Zingari” laws. Well, at NHK, Heather is the sole Jewish girl and I guess you can say it brings her opportunities…. Like she had to interview a Rabbi because shes “the jewish.”
Here’s the latest: so i go down stairs with my co workers for our buildings holiday party and my correspondent scoops humus onto my plate and says, “you like because you are the jewish, right?”
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me: HAHAHA yeah
welcome to my world

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Separation of Church and State

JUST KIDDING!  I’m definitely not going to tackle that serious issue.  But that’s how I explained my distaste for Obama-frenzy to my friend Heather, a reporter for NHK, which for those of you who don’t know is like the CNN or BBC for Japan.   As I am Heather’s live source for all things poppy, she’s mine for all things political, and I provide her with great outlandish quotes and soundbites.  When you wake up in Heather’s house, you wake up to MSNBC, and one morning, groggy, I said, “I’m sooo over Obama.  I believe in a separation of church and state.” (more…)

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