Feelin’ Like P. Diddy… sans my contacts.


Photo by Yu Tsai for MUSE magazine 2009

Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ like P. Diddy!  More like Lindsay in the latest Muse spread!  Can’t wait to see the video!

The spread was inspired by the relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss… note to self, reevaluate current guy…

Kesha was pretty much right on in her song Tik Tok.

I didn’t post for a bit because last weekend was a blur.  Thursday, I had my Ballet Hispanico benefit at The Gates which turned out fabulous and escapades with Sophie afterwards.  You can check out pics from the benefit on Guest of a Guest and Patrick McMullan, you’ll see me in a few of them.

However, I am phoneless.  In making a move as to not blow a prospect I have very much waited for, I lept over two people out of a cab and dropped my phone.  Upon realizing I was without my phone I freaked out, left said guy and made a run back to the place where I lept, which was unfortunately Irving Mill… trust me, he’s goodlooking enough to go there for.  It was definitely time for a new BlackBerry so I upgraded to the new one, which I am waiting for in the mail.  However, received a glorious email from the taxi cab commission that they found my phone!  So I am going to pick it up tomorrow!  Tomorrow I will have two phones.  It’s been a pain and a relief to be phoneless.  Was missing the opp with mystery man worth it, no, but I will be Martha Stewarting it up tomorrow to make up for it.  However, as he laughed, asked if I had phone insurance and said, “You’re cute when you’re mad,” this is what I thought of,

1. My contacts!

2.  Thank god I don’t have to call that police officer… after The Gates with Sophie

3.  Yikes, naked pics of the ex, I hope the person that finds my phone doesn’t send that to everyone…  Ya because the person who finds my phone will try to sabotage me…

And as more frosting on my cupcakes, my UES Nise sneakers in grey leather and gunmetal chain finally shipped!


Oh yea, and my cousin won the Menswear designer of the Year Award.

Pretty solid week.

Now let’s see if my playing hard to get at Irving Mill and my superior baking prowess will have me end it just as unexpectedly fabulously.

Maybe by the end of the weekend, this will be the scene…

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