Days 7, 8 & 9 – Sunday June 12, 2009 to Tuesday June 14, 2009

Hiking down Mt. Schiagno.


Chiara said we had the boys Scout trip at 8:30 but we wouldn’t go so early.  I set my alarm for 7:15 because I didn’t want to be the late bird everyone was waiting on.  However, when I woke up and the house was silent. When it got to be around 9:30, I decided I should start getting ready on my own so when Chiara came to wake me up at 10:30 I was fully dressed and gearing to go! Love the way my fam does it. The Scout house we were going to was on Mount Schiagno which was on Lake Como; the 2 hr drive was breathtakingly beautiful. The hike up the mountain was pretty hard but eventually we made it. Considering festivities started at 8 and we got there around 2, we missed the goblet game that we needed the hats for and I never found out what it meant! (Logan had a brilliant idea, that they might be Jester hats, but who knows). I saw people with subpar paper cone hats. There was a dedication to a scout leader that died while on a scouting trip– she slid and hit her head on a rock, so they were dedicating a scout house to her. Being an only child with a single mom, it was just very cool to see the family doing these things together, and to see Paolo so dedicated to his kids. When I start considering a husband, I think that’s going to be the most important thing to me. Dedication to the kids. 

Monday –

Today was a pretty slow. We went to the Trefor club where with Fillipo’s goading and perhaps to prove to Jacopo that I could indeed swim (because I didn’t swim during our last trip, he told Chiara he’s not sure if I could), we went in the pool and I even did a few laps while the kids were in the small one. The time passed much faster when I stopped fretting about getting my hair wet and just jumped in and did some laps.  Plus the club has the annoying swimming cap rule. 

Tues- We went to the mall today. It was slow and pretty painful. The gelato was absolutely delicious though. That night I babysat and I spent most of the time in my room straightening my hair. It was pretty cute, Fillipo came in and asked me what time is their bedtime. Considering we usually came in at 1 from events and I had never heard their parents tell them to go to bed I said, “umm I dunno, what do you want.”  Haha he’s so sweet and amazing he decided on 10:30. They were watching the movie Underdog so I geuess he wanted to know before they got the movie started. I am really going to miss him. 

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