Day 6 – Saturday June 12, 2009

Got a lot of animal time in today; I’m pretty much ruralized. I completely loose track of time while I’m here. I saw Paolo’s Jag in front of the house and thought maybe he was taking a day off. In fact, I didn’t realize it was Saturday until mid way through the day. So Paolo and Chiara went to get luggage for the family’s trip to London. Alice woke up and was screaming Mama… mama…. Mamaaa. Jacopo told her to be quiet. It was cute and sad. So I woke up and started to search with her. Then I guess she warmed up to me because she proceeded to move her crayons and paper into my room and draw on the floor while I got dressed for the day. We went to and that’s what we were doing when Chiara walked in so I totally got points for that. It was a really cool morning. Fillipo and I went with Chiara to get food for the day fresh from a farm. We got our milk, unpasteurized from one of those machines that is pretty much connected to the cows udders haha. Well the milk is chilled, but I would say, that’s all that’s done to it. We picked out which meats and sausages we wanted and then went to play with the animals haha. Of course… play with the animal who’s brothers and sisters you’re eating. I have a cute picture of Fillipo with the goats. We were feeding them hay from the ground. Afterwards we went to Paolo’s other sister’s house to drop off a birthday present for one of their little girls, they have three cute girls, Virginia, the cutest chubby faced little girl, maybe 2 years old, Arianna, and Rebecca, who‘s 7 and took a liking to me because I shook her hand. She asked me all sorts of questions and was just really sassy and really cute, had a fierce Anna Wintour esque bob. I really liked her.

We had a big lunch, but Chiara had to run out during it for her piano lessons. Fillipo ate an abundance of meat as his dad practically begged him not to. Apparently Paolo was afraid of Chiara getting me meat just in case I was muslim! Hahaha.
Later that night for dinner, we drove an hr and ½ to a Argriturismo in Varese. The ride was long but charming and I was starved by the time we got there but it was another farm and we had to play with the animals. It was a dinner for Fillipo and Jacopo’s Judo school. Chiara said the month of June is very hectic for her in terms of social events for the kids. Across from us sat their friends, Barbara and her husband. Barbara is greeeeat. She use to work for Creative and is so sassy and Italian looking. She lives in Abbiategrasso- right outside of Milan, and what they themselves called the Bronx of Milan- and they have two beautiful daughters, Noemi (who is in love with Fillipo) and Tanya. Barbara has spent a lot of time in the US so it was great meeting her and I had so much fun talking to them. I told them about Logan and everyone was quite impressed. Sometimes I feel like a mom in how proud I am of him. He really is such a catch. We didn’t get back from the farm until 1:30am

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