Thugs Bowlmor Too 2!

So I’ve just watched the Katie Couric Grammy Special on CBS where she interviews a lot of the nominees: Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Lil’ Wayne and Taylor Swift.  Turns out, in response to my previous post Lil’  Wayne LOVES bowling.  He even has special made bowling balls.  The interview is wonderful, in fact it’s a must watch, if only for him calling her “Miss Katie” through out the interview.  He also has a 10 year old daughter and a 2 month old son and is ridiculously articulate.  His face is full of expression when he talks.  He actually reminds me of my friend Duncan, like a mad genius and you can see in when they kind of squint their eyes when they talk.  Hard to explain but great interview!  A bit ago I had a conversation with Pat about rap music, where it is going etc.  We were discussing how guys like Jay-Z are few and far between…, especially in reference to Soulja Boy.  Jay-Z is a really knowledgeable business-man, you can see his IQ in his rap vocabulary.  It’s not about “supermaning that ho'”  Another prime example of this, in our opinion was Kanye West.  Lil’ Wayne, has just completely, in my mind, joined this League of Extraordinary Gentleman.   Lollipops to you Lil’ Wayne


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Thugs Bowl Too


I’m walking down the street today around Union Square and I see 3 super eager boys of the skater/ thug variety you’ll only find in NYC or LA standing outside of Bowlmor Lanes.   Then I see a pretty girl in a sweatsuit and about 5 people, what an entourage!  Mixed into this entourage is Lil’ Wayne!  Walking out of Bowlmor Lanes; I actually blocked his path a little bit as I looked up because I wasn’t sure who or what I was looking for but Escalades and an entourage usually means an ubercool celeb rollin’ deep.  I tell my best friend who is chilling in Argentina unemployed right now and her response was classic:

jobojangle (6:52:17 PM): were you at bowlmore lanes?
Nyny24 (6:52:25 PM): no, just walking past it
jobojangle (6:52:27 PM): i miss bowling
jobojangle (6:52:28 PM): i like it
Nyny24 (6:52:39 PM): llol why would i be bowling in the middle of the afternoon
jobojangle (6:52:44 PM): who knows
jobojangle (6:52:55 PM): why was he bowling in the middle of the afternoon?
Nyny24 (6:53:05 PM): true, but he;s lil wayne
jobojangle (6:57:27 PM): hah that’s true
jobojangle (6:57:30 PM): and i’m unemployed
jobojangle (6:57:46 PM): so i can imagine bowling during the day
Nyny24 (6:58:32 PM): hahah so am i
Ahh.. the unemployed life

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