Days 7, 8 & 9 – Sunday June 12, 2009 to Tuesday June 14, 2009

Hiking down Mt. Schiagno.


Chiara said we had the boys Scout trip at 8:30 but we wouldn’t go so early.  I set my alarm for 7:15 because I didn’t want to be the late bird everyone was waiting on.  However, when I woke up and the house was silent. When it got to be around 9:30, I decided I should start getting ready on my own so when Chiara came to wake me up at 10:30 I was fully dressed and gearing to go! Love the way my fam does it. The Scout house we were going to was on Mount Schiagno which was on Lake Como; the 2 hr drive was breathtakingly beautiful. The hike up the mountain was pretty hard but eventually we made it. Considering festivities started at 8 and we got there around 2, we missed the goblet game that we needed the hats for and I never found out what it meant! (Logan had a brilliant idea, that they might be Jester hats, but who knows). I saw people with subpar paper cone hats. There was a dedication to a scout leader that died while on a scouting trip– she slid and hit her head on a rock, so they were dedicating a scout house to her. Being an only child with a single mom, it was just very cool to see the family doing these things together, and to see Paolo so dedicated to his kids. When I start considering a husband, I think that’s going to be the most important thing to me. Dedication to the kids. 

Monday –

Today was a pretty slow. We went to the Trefor club where with Fillipo’s goading and perhaps to prove to Jacopo that I could indeed swim (because I didn’t swim during our last trip, he told Chiara he’s not sure if I could), we went in the pool and I even did a few laps while the kids were in the small one. The time passed much faster when I stopped fretting about getting my hair wet and just jumped in and did some laps.  Plus the club has the annoying swimming cap rule. 

Tues- We went to the mall today. It was slow and pretty painful. The gelato was absolutely delicious though. That night I babysat and I spent most of the time in my room straightening my hair. It was pretty cute, Fillipo came in and asked me what time is their bedtime. Considering we usually came in at 1 from events and I had never heard their parents tell them to go to bed I said, “umm I dunno, what do you want.”  Haha he’s so sweet and amazing he decided on 10:30. They were watching the movie Underdog so I geuess he wanted to know before they got the movie started. I am really going to miss him. 

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Feelin’ Like P. Diddy… sans my contacts.


Photo by Yu Tsai for MUSE magazine 2009

Woke up this mornin’ feelin’ like P. Diddy!  More like Lindsay in the latest Muse spread!  Can’t wait to see the video!

The spread was inspired by the relationship between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss… note to self, reevaluate current guy…

Kesha was pretty much right on in her song Tik Tok.

I didn’t post for a bit because last weekend was a blur.  Thursday, I had my Ballet Hispanico benefit at The Gates which turned out fabulous and escapades with Sophie afterwards.  You can check out pics from the benefit on Guest of a Guest and Patrick McMullan, you’ll see me in a few of them.

However, I am phoneless.  In making a move as to not blow a prospect I have very much waited for, I lept over two people out of a cab and dropped my phone.  Upon realizing I was without my phone I freaked out, left said guy and made a run back to the place where I lept, which was unfortunately Irving Mill… trust me, he’s goodlooking enough to go there for.  It was definitely time for a new BlackBerry so I upgraded to the new one, which I am waiting for in the mail.  However, received a glorious email from the taxi cab commission that they found my phone!  So I am going to pick it up tomorrow!  Tomorrow I will have two phones.  It’s been a pain and a relief to be phoneless.  Was missing the opp with mystery man worth it, no, but I will be Martha Stewarting it up tomorrow to make up for it.  However, as he laughed, asked if I had phone insurance and said, “You’re cute when you’re mad,” this is what I thought of,

1. My contacts!

2.  Thank god I don’t have to call that police officer… after The Gates with Sophie

3.  Yikes, naked pics of the ex, I hope the person that finds my phone doesn’t send that to everyone…  Ya because the person who finds my phone will try to sabotage me…

And as more frosting on my cupcakes, my UES Nise sneakers in grey leather and gunmetal chain finally shipped!


Oh yea, and my cousin won the Menswear designer of the Year Award.

Pretty solid week.

Now let’s see if my playing hard to get at Irving Mill and my superior baking prowess will have me end it just as unexpectedly fabulously.

Maybe by the end of the weekend, this will be the scene…

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Day 6 – Saturday June 12, 2009

Got a lot of animal time in today; I’m pretty much ruralized. I completely loose track of time while I’m here. I saw Paolo’s Jag in front of the house and thought maybe he was taking a day off. In fact, I didn’t realize it was Saturday until mid way through the day. So Paolo and Chiara went to get luggage for the family’s trip to London. Alice woke up and was screaming Mama… mama…. Mamaaa. Jacopo told her to be quiet. It was cute and sad. So I woke up and started to search with her. Then I guess she warmed up to me because she proceeded to move her crayons and paper into my room and draw on the floor while I got dressed for the day. We went to and that’s what we were doing when Chiara walked in so I totally got points for that. It was a really cool morning. Fillipo and I went with Chiara to get food for the day fresh from a farm. We got our milk, unpasteurized from one of those machines that is pretty much connected to the cows udders haha. Well the milk is chilled, but I would say, that’s all that’s done to it. We picked out which meats and sausages we wanted and then went to play with the animals haha. Of course… play with the animal who’s brothers and sisters you’re eating. I have a cute picture of Fillipo with the goats. We were feeding them hay from the ground. Afterwards we went to Paolo’s other sister’s house to drop off a birthday present for one of their little girls, they have three cute girls, Virginia, the cutest chubby faced little girl, maybe 2 years old, Arianna, and Rebecca, who‘s 7 and took a liking to me because I shook her hand. She asked me all sorts of questions and was just really sassy and really cute, had a fierce Anna Wintour esque bob. I really liked her.

We had a big lunch, but Chiara had to run out during it for her piano lessons. Fillipo ate an abundance of meat as his dad practically begged him not to. Apparently Paolo was afraid of Chiara getting me meat just in case I was muslim! Hahaha.
Later that night for dinner, we drove an hr and ½ to a Argriturismo in Varese. The ride was long but charming and I was starved by the time we got there but it was another farm and we had to play with the animals. It was a dinner for Fillipo and Jacopo’s Judo school. Chiara said the month of June is very hectic for her in terms of social events for the kids. Across from us sat their friends, Barbara and her husband. Barbara is greeeeat. She use to work for Creative and is so sassy and Italian looking. She lives in Abbiategrasso- right outside of Milan, and what they themselves called the Bronx of Milan- and they have two beautiful daughters, Noemi (who is in love with Fillipo) and Tanya. Barbara has spent a lot of time in the US so it was great meeting her and I had so much fun talking to them. I told them about Logan and everyone was quite impressed. Sometimes I feel like a mom in how proud I am of him. He really is such a catch. We didn’t get back from the farm until 1:30am

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Ballet Hispanico Holiday Benefit

Jr. Society of Ballet Hispanico Holiday Benefit

I’m on the Jr. Society of Ballet Hispanico Benefit Committee.

Our Holiday Benefit is tonight!

Hope to see you all there!


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Summer Adventure Days 3 & 4

Ciao da Cisliano

Wednesday –

As I mentioned before, my flight was delayed so I was a little overwhelmed/ self conscious about my sweating haha when I met my host family. True Italian form they all gave me a kiss on the cheek and I found it amusing that the boys were my height! We drove back home and I found Chiara to be a crazy driver so that was very funny. The house was amazing. It’s a three story Italian house with a den and mini gym in the basement on a cul-de-sac of a cute little Italian village outside of Milan, Cisliano. You could tell how small the village was because everyone stared as we walked by. In the car ride mom asked me what my favorite food was and I said pesto anything so she was sure to make me pesto that night she said… or so we thought, she was out of pesto and ended up using Olive pate that she thought was pesto. I liked it, no one else did haha. I guess my palate isn’t as sophisticated.

However, before all of this she told me Alice– the 5 yr old, pronounced Ah-lee-che, had an end of school BBQ I could attend. I was pretty exhausted and really wanted to shower and unpack so a passed and had the house to myself for the first afternoon so that was pretty cool.
When she came home with the boys and Alice in tow, I met who was to become my crazy 5 year old spoiled but super cute host sister, lol I can’t get enough of when she dances around in her underwear musing to herself in Italian. Or how I caught her folding her arms and putting on a tough face in the mirror when she was trying on her sunglasses inside. When Chiara came back we went on a few errands, one, to check on the prices of the all important, Trefor Club, (the town’s new state of the art fitness and relaxation center), check the stationery story for the boys summer books, where there was an African man outside hawking goods– even in a small town– and went for ice cream, of course. I didn’t realize how important ice cream had become to my daily life until I got here to Switzerland.

Family dinner was great and Chiara’s husband Paolo is sooo funny!
None the less I was still really out of it, overwhelmed and feeling weird because of all the coffee I drank in an attempt to stay awake. I fell asleep a 9pm in my room, which is the Study. And then I woke up at 3am, unable to get back to sleep until 7am the next day. I was still feeling off and overwhelmed and I even cried myself to sleep that night. I missed the ease of home, I was feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of speaking Italian all summer and I really, really, hated the idea of being so far from Logan except NY and Italy at times might as well be the same distance from California. I spoke to Sade for hours about her wedding and Kat about the experience. I called Logan, whispering at 7am and my voice was shaking because I was going to cry so I told him I had to go.


So today we kind of lounged around until I had to take the kids to the Trefor club. Chiara drove us and we stayed there for about 5 hours. It was kind of nice lounging by the pool and I got a lot of reading done and am almost finished with Teresa’s book. It was my first real day here and I am definitely warming up the experience. The kids are really sweet and I’ve spent a lot of time with Alice today at the pool. Also during the day, while Chiara was out, her sister and mother stopped by. She mentioned to me her mother and father were manufacturers and producers of faux fur and had a factory and store in Milan and I helped her translate some stuff for the company’s website. So while she was out Nonna Castro stopped by with her other daughter. They were sooo sweet and fun, and just spoke to me in Italian. Nonna Castro gave me a fur headband like old ladies wear so I’m very excited to rock that in the winter instead of my fur earmuffs. Afterwards we had dinner with the family’s friends from the neighborhood: one great guy Guido from Napoli, a musician, and his cute wife who just got braces, their two adorable sons and then I forget the name of the other couple but you can tell they weren’t as close to my family.  The wife was quiet while the husband was kind of obnoxious and made it his purpose during dinner to torment me with questions in Italian like what I thought of Berlusconi, what I thought of 9/11, how was I affected by it etc. Funny too because Halley and I were just making fun of people that go, “Oh you’re from NY?! How was 9/11 for you?” Dinner lasted roughly 5 hrs and we didn’t leave the restaurant until 1! It was interesting because in the dining room of this restaurant there was a flat screen TV from which you could view the children’s playroom– where you sent your kids when you didn’t want to be bothered with them during dinner. I thought it was a genius idea! The main purpose of the dinner was for my family to watch a slide show of the other family’s Maldives vacation that they took last April. My family is planning a trip to the Maldives with them in Decemeber. I almost couldn’t resist laughing as the initial song coming up in the slide show’s play list was none other than 50 cents’ Candy Shop. So seductive…

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Drape Me in Dolce


shot by Arthur Elgort for TeenVOGUE Sept 2006

While helping fashion director Lauren Goodman, employer, and dear friend with a trend report, I realized something that most fashion girls realize at some point in their awakening.  I should have been born in another time.  This feeling has creeping up on before at certain other points in my life.  While watching opera at La Scala in Milan, wandering the streets of Vienna w/ Katie, and especially in the Schonbrunn Palace, every time I look at a fashion editorial of St. Petersburg and now while reading Anna Karenina.  

I should have been born in another time! (more…)

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Mission Impossible

Does someone you love own something so offensive that you’re dying to get rid of it? I had that situation today with my mother and this horrible white shag rug.
1. It was absolutely filthy.
2. She wasn’t even using it, it was sitting there folded in the sunroom attracting dust.
Obviously she would never throw it out. And on my daily errands/ to work I kept forgetting to throw it in a public trash can; I reached my wit’s end last week as I was sorting through books in the sunroom and it shifted and touched me!
So today, I woke up with a purpose. I absolutely had to get rid of it. No joke, I woke up, nude, threw on my trenchcoat, flasher style, riding boots grabbed my keys, the rug and ran down the street. Ejecting the rug from my life!
Really, I don’t have to get any work done today because that’s a week’s accomplishment in itself.

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Been too long…

Hello dears! I’m back! I’ve been traveling around Europe, working on project after project, palling around with Brit actors and working to launch, (check it out). But how I’ve missed blogging so.
While in Italy, I meant to blog everyday, but I was in the South and my internet connection was absolute rubbish so daily, besides my up to date posts, we will be taking a walk down memory lane from my summer journals. It will be fun for me to. I will copy and paste everything as I wrote it then, but maybe at the bottom have a star with my up to date, out of the moment reflections. In the meantime, you can check out my comments on Naomi’s Aliomi blog.
Strictly fashion and art.

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Springtime in Paris

I travelled to Paris in the beginning of April and had an amazing time.  It really passed too soon and before I knew it, I was back in NYC missing croissants.  I stayed with great friends in the 16th and 17th so pretty much had the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower right in my backyard! 

Eiffel Tower

James Baldwin said Paris is “the city where everyone loses his head, and his morals, lives through at least one histoire d’amour, ceases quite to arrive anywhere on time, and thumbs his nose at the puritans– the city, in brief, where all become drunken on the fine old air of freedom.”

I definitely did all of the above… (more…)

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Been a while…

tulips-on-5thHello hello!

It’s been so long since I’ve written.  Almost a month now.  I was in Paris, then I was back, busy at work, and most importantly busy enjoying SPRINGTIME!  I’m a summer baby so summer is hands down my favorite season, but Springtime in NYC can only be reviled by well, Springtime in Paris!  And I’ve had the pleasure of experience both of those this past month.  Hmm, so much has happened that I have no clue where to start.

So many things to comment on…

I guess it probably will be easiest to start with Paris!

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