Israeli Attacks on the Gaza Strip

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year.  I did.  New year, new start so I’m really sad I’m starting out my new year with such a downer post. 

Chaos in the Middle East.  What’s new.  However these latest Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip targeted at Hamas are getting absurd.  The first onslaught, while I didn’t necessarily agree with, could be argued as Israel’s completely reasonable desire to protect itself.  However, the magnitude that this has become and the fact that it’s continuing is really just ridiculous.  “One president at a time” rhetoric is clouding clear ceasefire discussions.  Especially because it has been said and is highly likely Hamas big-wig leaders have fled to Syria and surrounding countries by now.  So why these vicious attacks on civilian territory.  The death and injury toll for innocent people, especially children, are ridiculous.   I was discussing this with my friend Oscar who’s from Spain and lives in Madrid because I was wondering the world’s reaction to this.  While the media has been reporting this tragedy there seems to be a sense of removal of blame– maybe because of our relationship with Israel I thought.  No one seemed to me to be saying– pardon my language– Israel, you’re being an asshole and we’re not going to support you on this.  Oscar speaks several languages and regularly reads foreign language papers and he confirmed my thoughts to it wasn’t just an American thing.  He said that he’s been reading from NY Times, to Spanish papers and those of other European states and he got the feeling that other countries “felt too guilty with Israel about past issues and they are not able to condemn what they are doing.”

That’s ridiculous but I think he is right and the United Nations Security Council should hold them accountable.   Bush has put the onus on Hamas, but that does little to alleviate what the people in the area are suffering.  While I do agree that something needs to be done to prevent Hamas from using Gaza as a rocket-launching into Israel base it’s becoming a humanitarian issue.  A White House spokeswoman warned Israel to be “very cautious when it comes to civilian casualties.”  At this point, that’s kind of a joke….

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Night of Chaos

I signed on-line this morning to be greeted by my friend Ryan with this link.  As though I wasn’t sufficiently freaked out, as I’m watching the news while going about my daily routine I see a breaking news story about the attacked on Westerners in Mumbai– there goes my dreams of starring in a Bollywood movie and becoming best friends with Preity Zinta.  (more…)

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