Back from Puerto Rico

View from my Hotel Balcony

View from my Hotel Balcony

I’m back from Puerto Rico.  It was amazing.  And I arrived back… 7am in cold and rainy NY.  I will post more about Puerto later.   But new plan:  Cuba or bust!  I’m thinking via med school?  Post if you have any cool ideas about me getting there.  Besides on a raft Elian style.

Inappropriate?  It’s funny to think how invested I was in that case and I couldn’t have been older than 13 maybe?

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The Unemployed Life – Day 3 Back in NYC

I’m on Day 3 of being unemployed and I’m still pretty optimistic about the whole thing.  Having been laid off I feel very “American.”  Let’s face it, as a black girl from NYC I had about nothing in common with Joe the Plumber, but now with the whole economic crisis effecting me directly, I feel very in-tune with him.  I’m back in NY after hiding out in DC for a few days.  I was pretty proactive while I was there in finding a new job, looking and considering new careers.  I’m hoping in Puerto Rico I’m going (more…)

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