Day 1 – June 6, 2009

Well, considering Jet Airways allowed me 50 minutes of lay over between my flight from Newark transferring in Belgium for Milan, I was highly skeptical as to whether I would make the flight. And when we were at least an hour late in take off, I thought it was damn near impossible. However, I was assured by my flight attendant that there were many people on board the flight making the transfer for MXP so not to worry, the plane would wait for us. After undergoing the most tedious airline process ever, my fellow transferers and I missed out flight by a mere ten minutes. Pretty impressive but now I’m stuck waiting for the following flight out of Brussels that is due to board within the hour. I went through airport security TWICE, had my bags searched once, at which point I wanted to say, “Look lady, I just did this in your jabroni airport” but I held my tongue as her searching goon produced no “jelly” substance that my bag was supposed to contain and shrugged. I think she was talking about my face cream. Oh well, take that Brussels International Airport. 

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Grey Gardens


Speaking of remakes, on April 18th, HBO is slated to air a docudrama remake of the original documentary Grey Gardens, released in 1975.  Grey Gardens tells the story of Jackie O.’s eccentric relatives, Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith “Big Edie” Ewing Bouvier Beale.  In their decrepit mansion in the wealthy Georgica Pond neighbourhood of East Hampton, Long Island.  Edith is the cousin of Jackie O.  and lived in basic solitude with her mother in an estate that was in such disrepair, the health department threatened to shut it down until Jackie paid for it’s repair.  It was actually a pretty sad documentary to watch.  Little Edie had a desperate need for contact with the outside world and seemed to have given everything up to take care of her mother.

Here is the link to the HBO promo where Drew Barrymore plays Little Edie.

My favorite scene from the original documentary.

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Tragic Loss


Unfortunately Natasha Richardson, of the famous Redgrave acting clan was pronounced dead yesterday (Wednesday, March 19, 2009).  She died of blunt impact to the head, an epidural hematoma.  Her injuries were obtained during a private skiing lesson in Quebec on Monday.  Although they were beginner’s slopes.  Natasha was not wearing her helmet.  She leaves behind husband, actor,  Liam Neeson and two sons.  She was the daughter of famed actress Vanessa Redgrave and English theatre and film director Tony Richardson and sister of actress Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck).

Ironically and unfortunately enough, one of Liam’s minor roles is sort of playing out.  In Love Actually, in which he is apart of the ensemble cast in this new Christmas classic, Liam Neeson’s character is a recent widower struggling to deal with the recent loss of his wife and raise his stepson.

Thoughts and prayers with their family.

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Really is it neccessary?

So the recent box office trend is for every good movie, there seems to be 10 crap ones.  I don’t know if they’re running of ideas over there in Hollywood, or if reality TV has turned everyone’s mind into mush, but they seem to be on a trend of remaking every movie whether it be a classic, or just a mediocre movie from over two decades ago.  The independent movie scene is pretty good as usual, but big budget productions are just going to the dogs.  Which brings me to this….  Fast & Furious.  This will be the fourth in the series (I couldn’t believe it either).  But only the second with the original cast; it picks up after the first film with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster.

I guess it’s all worth it if we get to see his beautiful face.  Too bad he’s off the market with that Trojan.

(Side note:  I was at his poker table senior year of highschool 04 Spring Break Atlantis. Woo!  He was there in the Bahamas with Jessica Alba filming Into the Blue.)


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Snow and Anne Hathaway

Yesterday was my first time of the season being outside in the snow and it was glorious. Big beautiful flakes. Yay! I love the city in the wintertime. It was 65 degrees on Monday. Global warming getting a little scary.

Before I ran my errands– true to my woman of leisure fashion I caught a matinee of Anne Hathaway’s not so new movie, Rachel Getting Married.  Surprisingly the theatre had about 15 other people!  I liked it, or at least I wanted to like it.  There were times when the dizzying camera angles made me nausceous and the extended scenes showing how “artistically inclined” everyone but Anne Hathaway’s character was left me checking my cell phone.

200px-rachel_getting_married (more…)

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