Drape Me in Dolce


shot by Arthur Elgort for TeenVOGUE Sept 2006

While helping fashion director Lauren Goodman, employer, and dear friend with a trend report, I realized something that most fashion girls realize at some point in their awakening.  I should have been born in another time.  This feeling has creeping up on before at certain other points in my life.  While watching opera at La Scala in Milan, wandering the streets of Vienna w/ Katie, and especially in the Schonbrunn Palace, every time I look at a fashion editorial of St. Petersburg and now while reading Anna Karenina.  

I should have been born in another time! (more…)

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Grey Gardens


Speaking of remakes, on April 18th, HBO is slated to air a docudrama remake of the original documentary Grey Gardens, released in 1975.  Grey Gardens tells the story of Jackie O.’s eccentric relatives, Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith “Big Edie” Ewing Bouvier Beale.  In their decrepit mansion in the wealthy Georgica Pond neighbourhood of East Hampton, Long Island.  Edith is the cousin of Jackie O.  and lived in basic solitude with her mother in an estate that was in such disrepair, the health department threatened to shut it down until Jackie paid for it’s repair.  It was actually a pretty sad documentary to watch.  Little Edie had a desperate need for contact with the outside world and seemed to have given everything up to take care of her mother.

Here is the link to the HBO promo where Drew Barrymore plays Little Edie.

My favorite scene from the original documentary.

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Tragic Loss


Unfortunately Natasha Richardson, of the famous Redgrave acting clan was pronounced dead yesterday (Wednesday, March 19, 2009).  She died of blunt impact to the head, an epidural hematoma.  Her injuries were obtained during a private skiing lesson in Quebec on Monday.  Although they were beginner’s slopes.  Natasha was not wearing her helmet.  She leaves behind husband, actor,  Liam Neeson and two sons.  She was the daughter of famed actress Vanessa Redgrave and English theatre and film director Tony Richardson and sister of actress Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck).

Ironically and unfortunately enough, one of Liam’s minor roles is sort of playing out.  In Love Actually, in which he is apart of the ensemble cast in this new Christmas classic, Liam Neeson’s character is a recent widower struggling to deal with the recent loss of his wife and raise his stepson.

Thoughts and prayers with their family.

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Live every week like it’s Fashion Week!

Zac Posen Fall 09 GownFashion Week is over and I am still reeling from the sheer fabulosity of it all. I can happily say “Au revoir BCBG”… I’ve graduated to bigger and better things. From finally becoming a headset girl, Janice Combs calling me, “the cutest little thing,” to Lynn Yaegers granddaughter? telling me I was “absolutely stunning and beautiful” to chatting it up with everyone from Santogold to Sandra Bernhardt, I’m still glowing. So much so that I’ve opted not to go out tonight because I’m utterly and completely exhausted.
I dreaded Fashion week because I felt everyone would take the recession literally. From Marc Jacobs downsizing his show to numerous designers forgoing their after parties all together I felt like Zelda Fitzgerald with a champagne glass snatched out of my hand and someone announcing the end of fabulous decadence. So I applaud the designers who, despite these tough times BROUGHT IT.


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chris20brown_rihannaSo Radar Online as well as numerous other sources are finally confirming that Rihanna was indeed the victim in the Chris Brown abuse scandal that is developing.  I still am in total shock.  I completely do not see him doing this.  When something like this happens, it always begs the question, was this the first time?  Were there signs.  I feel like everyone’s flipping through shots of Rihanna and Chris Brown and they always seemed like a doting happy couple, but who knew?!  Of course now there are friends coming forward with quotes like, they “have a lot of ups and downs.  They’re all lovey dovey one minute and then they’re fighting like crazy.  They’re both pretty stubborn.”  (more…)

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Thugs Bowlmor Too 2!

So I’ve just watched the Katie Couric Grammy Special on CBS where she interviews a lot of the nominees: Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, and Lil’ Wayne and Taylor Swift.  Turns out, in response to my previous post Lil’  Wayne LOVES bowling.  He even has special made bowling balls.  The interview is wonderful, in fact it’s a must watch, if only for him calling her “Miss Katie” through out the interview.  He also has a 10 year old daughter and a 2 month old son and is ridiculously articulate.  His face is full of expression when he talks.  He actually reminds me of my friend Duncan, like a mad genius and you can see in when they kind of squint their eyes when they talk.  Hard to explain but great interview!  A bit ago I had a conversation with Pat about rap music, where it is going etc.  We were discussing how guys like Jay-Z are few and far between…, especially in reference to Soulja Boy.  Jay-Z is a really knowledgeable business-man, you can see his IQ in his rap vocabulary.  It’s not about “supermaning that ho'”  Another prime example of this, in our opinion was Kanye West.  Lil’ Wayne, has just completely, in my mind, joined this League of Extraordinary Gentleman.   Lollipops to you Lil’ Wayne


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Ya don’t say…

In the interest of being discreet, I won’t name names….

There was this random night last summer when I got unattractively drunk and this model I was hanging out with, got weird.  He made me leave the club with my friends and go to Cain nightclub with him and we were arguing and I was crying until I saw a friend from home.  While I was at Cain, this beautiful guy staring at me caught me eye.  He came over and I didn’t want model boy to get mad so I said pretend we know each other.  I even put my cell phone on the table and asked him to pick it up pretending it was his so he could put his phone number into it.  We made plans to meet in the bathroom and then went outside where we passionately kissed.  Like top 5 kisses of my life– before model interrupted and dragged me away.  The next day the beautiful European called.  I told him I couldn’t make international calls on my phone and he gave me the number of the embassy he was staying at….  This didn’t really alarm me, or make me think anything.  I just figured he was very wealthy– but I knew he wasn’t lying because he was so familiar with it, and one of my close friends lives next door to the place.

He told me he worked in the entertainment industry– what in particular I can’t say because it would be traced, so lets say he was an Xer.  Well my friends, while agreeing that he was a totally babe, was like this guy is a sketchy Euro liar– he was not staying at the embassy and he was definitely to young to be an Xer.   Well I went on a few dates with him, or hang outs and he seemed ok but he was a DIRTY TALKER.  So I said see ya later…, maybe I’ll call you when I’m in said country…


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Oh Hello Jackie O.

Michelle Obama in Jason Wu at Home States Inauguration Ball

After almost two decades of drab skirt suits, finally there is some style in the White House.  All during their campaign the Obamas have been compare to the Kennedy’s and Michelle has had the the privilege of being compared style-wise to Jackie O.  Well hello Michelle O.  Everyone has  noticed Michelle’s style.  Even a male friend of mine who wouldn’t know a hemline from an empire waist commented, “That Michelle, I like her style, it’s sassy!”   Working at BCBG, I had the privilege of sending Michelle– I don’t think she wore the looks, but still.  While election night’s Narcisco Rodriguez’s number was a little questionable, Inauguration day and night outfits more than made up for it. (more…)

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It’s a New Day!

Swording inI’ve just returned from DC and needless to say, the energy there was amazing.  My friend Callie, over in Buenos Aires summed it up best, “The whole world is soo ready for this.”  Just being in the streets of D.C., there was just a frenetic energy.  Everyone was so excited, so positive, I’ve never seen anything like it.  Even the attendants at the supermarket seemed to smile a little more.  I know I may even be being paranoid, but people seemed to actually smile at Pat and I as a couple as well.  D.C. has always been called the politicians Hollywood… I call it, the UGLY Hollywood, but Hollywood and politics combined.  Obama’s position as the rock star politician was confirmed as everyone from Beyonce– an inaugural favorite– to Sting flocked to D.C. for this event.  The concert at the National Mall was amazing, James Taylor, B, Usher, Jack Johnson, to name a few.  Too bad I couldn’t go to the Obama girls’ concert where Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers serenaded them.  Jay-Z gave a free concert….  D.C. was also just a lot warmer temperature wise.  As Brooke said, being there at this time is a must.  It’s almost the Woodstock of our generation.  There were tears in my eyes watching Obama being sworn in.  I’m still definitely in disbelief that this is the image of the Free  World’s first family.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.

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Go Amherst!

It’s a new day and it is wonderful that an Amherst Alum and an honorary Amherst Alum, have a lot to do with it.  valerie-jarrettLaura Jarrett ’07, and her mom Valerie have been all over fashion bible Vogue these past few months, Valerie, earning the prestigious title of “Barack’s rock” and Laura making Vogue 2008’s Best Dressed List, placing right next to Anne Hathaway!  (more…)

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