Drape Me in Dolce


shot by Arthur Elgort for TeenVOGUE Sept 2006

While helping fashion director Lauren Goodman, employer, and dear friend with a trend report, I realized something that most fashion girls realize at some point in their awakening.  I should have been born in another time.  This feeling has creeping up on before at certain other points in my life.  While watching opera at La Scala in Milan, wandering the streets of Vienna w/ Katie, and especially in the Schonbrunn Palace, every time I look at a fashion editorial of St. Petersburg and now while reading Anna Karenina.  

I should have been born in another time!  

Beyonce is not my style icon.  Actually it’s empress Catherine the Great.  I’d rather be a Czarina than a pop star.  Elizabeth is pretty great too.  All these places have the insanely ornate baroque theme in common.  I love baroque, I love curly qs and brocades and lush velvets and jacquards.  Voluminous shapes!  When Amanda asked me if I’d marry Pierre if only to have my wedding at Versailles… it was a legitimate question.  

This all being said, I was having an impossible time this benefit holiday season finding things to wear.  If only I worked for D & G.  Stefano and Domenico seem to have a privy into my imagination.  For years now, most editorials I see that I point out, “I need that,” it turns out to be D&G — in a few cases Miu Miu… go Miuccia!  This Fall 2009 was no exception.  I wish I could drape myself in Dolce & Gabbana and I’d be set for life.  

D&G F09 Look 1 (Style.com)

This Thursday, I had my Ballet Hispanico benefit coming up and could think of nothing to wear.  While shopping for fabric for Aliomi lining, store after store I saw awe-inspiring collections of brocades, especially in Elegant Fabrics.  My mother was with me, and all of a sudden she got inspired.  Quite the seamstress in her day, she offered to make something to wear for Ballet Hispanico.  Immediately I told her, I want D & G.  I want TeenVOGUE‘s  Arthur Elgort St. Petersburg shoot, “russian dressing” Sept 2006 (who’s amazing daughter and dear friend from middle school, Sophie is doing the photography and publicity for Aliomi— she is a force).   

shot by Arthur Elgort for TeenVOGUE Sept 2006

While flipping through Dec/January 2009 looking for a Canon/ TeenVOGUE advertorial that I assisted Lauren Goodman in styling, I saw Dakota Fanning’s interview and there she was with some fabulous D & G skirts on.   

photo by Norman Jean Roy for TeenVOGUE Dec/Jan 2010

I wish I dressed like that at her age.  I wish that Havana Laffitte, TeenVOGUE fashion editor and stylist, styled me then.  Instead I was terrified of the force that was Havana when she came bellowing down the halls of the office, editing racks in a second.  And instead, this is what I dressed like…  Oh dear…  

TeenVOGUE July 2003

Yikes this also made it into my college application to Amherst… How Elle Woods of me… I didn’t have tons of “academic” awards, what can I say!  If I become fabulously wealthy and important, Domenico, Stefano, Miuccia and Havana will all be on speed dial…

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