Day 1 – June 6, 2009

Well, considering Jet Airways allowed me 50 minutes of lay over between my flight from Newark transferring in Belgium for Milan, I was highly skeptical as to whether I would make the flight. And when we were at least an hour late in take off, I thought it was damn near impossible. However, I was assured by my flight attendant that there were many people on board the flight making the transfer for MXP so not to worry, the plane would wait for us. After undergoing the most tedious airline process ever, my fellow transferers and I missed out flight by a mere ten minutes. Pretty impressive but now I’m stuck waiting for the following flight out of Brussels that is due to board within the hour. I went through airport security TWICE, had my bags searched once, at which point I wanted to say, “Look lady, I just did this in your jabroni airport” but I held my tongue as her searching goon produced no “jelly” substance that my bag was supposed to contain and shrugged. I think she was talking about my face cream. Oh well, take that Brussels International Airport. 
Needless to say I’m starting my day pretty famished and exhausted. But I don’t mind being late because it will mean fewer hours in the day with my family friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to meet them but the first day is always that awkward getting to know you period so the less time people are fawning and staring at me– all good things– the better. 

I hardly slept on the plane, it was weird. I did watch a Bollywood movie that was excellent and finally got to see Valkyrie. War epics like that make me extremely proud to be an American and an Ally. Don’t get me started on Pearl Harbor— totally strained my relations with my Japanese friends for like a week and made me want to date a soldier! Haha. But in all seriousness, the more I travel and grow to love other cultures, the prouder I become to be an American, especially a New Yorker. 

12:00pm: Flying over Zurich, will land in Milan in around half an hour. Just got a great sandwich on the plane, the Europeans know how to do it right…. Switzerland is just the most beautiful place on earth to fly over… With all the lakes and mountains, it truly looks like a little bit of heaven. My dream is to be wealthy enough to actually buy my mother that estate in Switzerland that she dreams about. To her, Switzerland represents complete serenity, wish she could see this view because she would be completely sold then. I’ve really delved into Tess’s book The five forty five to Cannes and I’m completely engrossed in the story of the Romani brothers…. I have so many questions to ask her and insight to share on the subject, I must draft an email to her before I go to sleep. I hope the neighbours have internet that I can steal hahaha. One day I really hope to take a train through Switzerland. Maybe like a two-week backpacking trip where we really do sleeper trains and hostels. I can backpack pack for 2 weeks and with Logan and Noah it could be amazing. We could fly into the UK and make our way to Italy or Greece, stopping in France, Spain, Switzerland, could be great– they would love it. 

* Love the eagerness… and fatigue with which I started my trip.  The mention of Logan and Noah really dates it.  Eh.. some guys are meant to flash into your life to teach you something about yourself and then slowly disappear once you’ve realized it.  Good job, Logan. 

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