Springtime in Paris

I travelled to Paris in the beginning of April and had an amazing time.  It really passed too soon and before I knew it, I was back in NYC missing croissants.  I stayed with great friends in the 16th and 17th so pretty much had the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower right in my backyard! 

Eiffel Tower

James Baldwin said Paris is “the city where everyone loses his head, and his morals, lives through at least one histoire d’amour, ceases quite to arrive anywhere on time, and thumbs his nose at the puritans– the city, in brief, where all become drunken on the fine old air of freedom.”

I definitely did all of the above…

Let’s keeps things short and sweet.

Hour 1- Getting lost in the Charles de Gaulle Etoile metro station and getting a 20 minute work out up and down stairs.  Having Parisians lie to me about directions in French.  Having my bags carried by lovely Frenchman, and being saved with proper directions by American girls.  Check. (I only had to go one stop!)

Waiting at an outdoor cafe for a friend to get out of class, surrounded by posh Parisian college students. Check.  2 glasses of wine and 3 clove cigarettes. Check.  Gorgeous French student asking me for a light.  Check.

Delicious French dinner followed by restaurant manager offering Amanda and I a complimentary bottle of champagne.  Check.  Being invited to finish the bottle in the closed restaurant with two waiters and the manager and then drive with them to a disco.  Check, check.  Speeding down the Champs Elysee towards the Arc de Triomphe, while singing T.I. check.  5 a.m. crepes.  A delicious check!  YUM!  And that’s the end of Day 1.


Oh yea, the fiat broke down.

Day 2.

Les Catacombes!  Hung over surrounded by bones and dripping condensation.  Check.  A tourguide speaking for hours and hours in a language I don’t understand while grilling me.  Check.  Amanda and I running away from les catacombes into the Parisian sunshine. Yesssssss.  Bump into Notre Dame.  Check.  Find Shakespeare and Co.  Check.  Wander around the Latin Quarter.  Check.  Oh yea, and a certain French gentleman called during this all– he highly recommended “Les catacombes!  Oui!”  Time to pass out and get ready for the night.  Night 2.  A certain French gentleman calls around 8:15 pm while I am still groggy and napping.  Entertaining the French well to do is hard work, especially when they announce they’ll be over in 5 minutes.  “Nneya, get in the shower.  I have to clean my room.  Jenny, straighten your hair.  Then I’ll shower.  3 girls, all ready and showered in 20 minutes… must be a record.  Awkward entertaining of Frenchmen and almost convinced to throw a French house party.  Check.

The next day Amanda and I wandered more.  We did a lot of that.  Luxembourg gardens.  Pigalle,  amazing Fondue place where you drink wine from babybottles.  Check.  Parisian 10 yr old drunk off of wine.  Check.


That night we wandered around Paris for what felt like hours.  Wandering in heels is grueling, but in an amazing city like Paris, even that is beautiful.  So we walked along the Seine and ended up at Showcase!

The rest of my Paris trip past so fast that it was a blur.  I can mention brunch at Angelina’s divine.  The amazing Pompidou Fountain.  The Marais.  Purchasing a watch in the Jewish quarter and more Champs Elysee.  There were boys after boys in Australian Pubs, French Bistros, Scottish Bars and everyone just wanted love!  It was beautiful.


So all in all, I loved Paris.  Croissants, Steak Tartar, Crepes, Baguettes, histoire d’amour, french kissing in french elevators and fabulous friends.  Au revoire!

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