Ahh Gay Paris!


After much talk, I finally did it!  I booked Paris next week.  From April 1st to April 7th.  I get into Paris Thursday April 2nd.  Oh so very excited.  Spring time in Paris.  Can life get any better?

Oui!  Oui.  So if you have any tips for things I should do, people I should see, places I should eat, parties I should go to, definitely leave a comment!

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Grey Gardens


Speaking of remakes, on April 18th, HBO is slated to air a docudrama remake of the original documentary Grey Gardens, released in 1975.  Grey Gardens tells the story of Jackie O.’s eccentric relatives, Edith “Little Edie” Bouvier Beale and her mother, Edith “Big Edie” Ewing Bouvier Beale.  In their decrepit mansion in the wealthy Georgica Pond neighbourhood of East Hampton, Long Island.  Edith is the cousin of Jackie O.  and lived in basic solitude with her mother in an estate that was in such disrepair, the health department threatened to shut it down until Jackie paid for it’s repair.  It was actually a pretty sad documentary to watch.  Little Edie had a desperate need for contact with the outside world and seemed to have given everything up to take care of her mother.

Here is the link to the HBO promo where Drew Barrymore plays Little Edie.

My favorite scene from the original documentary.

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Tragic Loss


Unfortunately Natasha Richardson, of the famous Redgrave acting clan was pronounced dead yesterday (Wednesday, March 19, 2009).  She died of blunt impact to the head, an epidural hematoma.  Her injuries were obtained during a private skiing lesson in Quebec on Monday.  Although they were beginner’s slopes.  Natasha was not wearing her helmet.  She leaves behind husband, actor,  Liam Neeson and two sons.  She was the daughter of famed actress Vanessa Redgrave and English theatre and film director Tony Richardson and sister of actress Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck).

Ironically and unfortunately enough, one of Liam’s minor roles is sort of playing out.  In Love Actually, in which he is apart of the ensemble cast in this new Christmas classic, Liam Neeson’s character is a recent widower struggling to deal with the recent loss of his wife and raise his stepson.

Thoughts and prayers with their family.

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Really is it neccessary?

So the recent box office trend is for every good movie, there seems to be 10 crap ones.  I don’t know if they’re running of ideas over there in Hollywood, or if reality TV has turned everyone’s mind into mush, but they seem to be on a trend of remaking every movie whether it be a classic, or just a mediocre movie from over two decades ago.  The independent movie scene is pretty good as usual, but big budget productions are just going to the dogs.  Which brings me to this….  Fast & Furious.  This will be the fourth in the series (I couldn’t believe it either).  But only the second with the original cast; it picks up after the first film with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jordana Brewster.

I guess it’s all worth it if we get to see his beautiful face.  Too bad he’s off the market with that Trojan.

(Side note:  I was at his poker table senior year of highschool 04 Spring Break Atlantis. Woo!  He was there in the Bahamas with Jessica Alba filming Into the Blue.)


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Lost in Translation

No matter how well you may speak a foreign language, certainly things just don’t translate well.  While studying abroad in Milan, I found the best way to learn the language for me, was to go out, make friends, go out on dates etc.  Most of the guys I went out with were students or pretty well educated, so there was very rarely a language barrier (occassionally my roommates would hear me screaming to Maurizio over the phone “por che it’s not fair!”)  But other than those passionate Italian fights,  useful, because now I know how to call a guy an ass as well as a few other choice words, language was never an issue.  None the less, there were some slip ups that were often just hilarious. 

Like Swiss-Italian Thomas telling me that I was “Damn sexy” and Rolling Stone was a “damn big club.”   (Was “damn” just what he used in lue of “very?”

or Leopold, another Swiss-Italian saying, in response to me texting him to come to Armani Privé: “Ooo seductive… But I have exams tomorrow.  I’ll get on you later.”  If you look it up, “seductive” is in fact a synonym for “tempting” but you know, some things just don’t translate well.  And “I’ll get on you later?”  Well, I think he did in fact want to get on me later but let’s just assume he meant “See ya”

I dated a guy from Spain for a bit, and he was extremely cocky about his fluency in many languages, and wouldn’t be told that we no longer spoke like William Shakespeare in the U.S of A, so when he messed up, it brought me personal delight.  Well, I haven’t spoken to him in months, and he’s back at it.  Here you go:

u know what…
somehow gizem got into my account
and saw that email I wrote to you
I lost her as friend
as gf
as everything
and Im still eating my fucking brain*
and if now you say it was untrue
it feels nice.

*highlighted pink mine


Lesson: Never be cocky in your fluency some things just don’t translate over.

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C’est Magnifique.

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie Ziggy Stardust

In an effort to not appear totally clueless on my possible trip to Paris in April, I am attempting to learn basic French, something I didn’t get, or retain in 5th grade, except for how to say, “My name is,”  “napkin,” and “I am a pineapple (courtesy of Izzie Berner).   So in honour of Balmain and designer Christophe Decarnin.  I will salut the house in it’s native tounge as “Mon preféré” of Parisian Fashion week.  I am just in shock of the lack of David Bowie make-up because this line has the amazing Ziggy Stardust vibe, as in I would wear every look to the annual DKE David Bowie party at Amherst College.  While it was nearly impossible, here are a few of my favorite things… basically the whole show!


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Che carino!… e erotico.


A few days ago, The Cut listed their favorite pics for Milan fashion Week and for the most part, I wholeheartedly agree.  Milan holds my heart and Milan fashion week is known for being on the cutting edge of sexy, chic classics.  Totally a reflection of the population in my opinion….  Lets review!

Armani, let’s face it, he’s a god!  No one can make a suit, for men and women like he can.  Emporio Armani is definitely my favorite of the lines, because it has a younger vibe without the Jersey shore edge of A|X… spray tan guys in t-shirts, HELP!   However, I can hardly wear a suit.  In fact, I look like I’m playing dress up when I’m wearing them, so this one was definitely one of my favorites, adding a younger feel. 


As you’ll see in the slideshow, Burberry, Bottega Veneta (love love love the white gown) and others did amazing things, but what stood out to me was Marni and Pucci (as I’m on the look out for a long goat hair jacket).  Cheers to Peter Dundas for his debut Pucci collection.  That mini is fierce!


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It’s Mugatu!



Mugatu has finally taken over fashion week so the Prime Minister of Malaysia better watch out because Alexander McQueen is sending model assassins down the Runway during Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009.   McQueen’s satire of fashion past and present can only be described as NYmag.com puts it, oh so derelicte.  The runway snaked around a junk pile of past McQueen sets and affixed with saran wraps, nylon resembling garbage bags and wheel rims, the models look like hot messes, in the most artistic way possible.runway-of-mcqueen (more…)

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I Can Only Afford Minis!


Its been a while, shouldn’t have left you (left you) without a dope beat to step to.  Tangent but great song!  I loved Aaliyah!  Anyway, it has been a while, and I’m so sorry for my lack of updates.  Funny thing is I keep jotting down mental notes to myself of things I absolutely MUST write about.  I have just been swamped at work, dealing with look books and fat armed models that when I get home all I want to do is watch Criminal Minds and go to bed.  I have a lot to say about the Paris shows but first, I came across this interesting article on NYmag.com.  (more…)

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