Obama HELP! We’re wearing UGGS!


As Obama revealed his new ideas and opinions about the economic stimulus plan today, I perused the shoe section of the Chelsea Loehmann’s on a tip that there were Manolos, Jimmys and Louboutins going for as little as $150…Oh my!  My source was correct!  While I did not spot any Louboutins, I did see quite a few styles of Manolos and Jimmys.  And these were not the whimsical, over-the-top, jeweled bow encrusted, must be dyed for ____’s wedding styles you’re accustomed to seeing at bargain basement prices– ahem, Stuart Weitzman–, these were bombshell strappy sandals, goddess flats, fab pumps.

From Saks basically having a fire sale to now this, this economy has left me dumbfounded.  Especially when European friends, this fall, would come on a “weekend shopping visit” with one empty suitcase, I thought– America is now a third world country.  Has the dollar become play money?

Well give me my $150 Manolos, but really?  This?  I’m all for the downplaying of conspicuous fashion, but let’s not get sloppy here.  We are not in 2003.  Uggs just shouldn’t be worn unless you are under 13, a gorgeous Australian surfer, it’s below 25, there’s snow on the ground or you are taking out the trash.  Wait no, scratch that last one, you can put on sensible loafers or ballet flats to take out the trashy.  And just because you’re Uggs are bedazzled, doesn’t mean it’s fit for semi-formal occassions.  In fact, bedazzled Uggs are worst.  I loved Uggs at one point, I know how comfortable they are… but I was a highschool girl, with a bedazzled phone that loved Paris Hilton.

I’m proud to say I haven’t donned the hideous things all winter.  Just get some wool socks and put on a cute pair of riding boots.

Oh and PS… you’re not neccesarily trading in quantity for comfort and quality.  Your UGGS will not last forever, especially the classic styles, and they are NOT waterproof.  You’re actually better off going with these L.L. Beans… and there’s something so fantastically plaid old manor about them. 


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