chris20brown_rihannaSo Radar Online as well as numerous other sources are finally confirming that Rihanna was indeed the victim in the Chris Brown abuse scandal that is developing.  I still am in total shock.  I completely do not see him doing this.  When something like this happens, it always begs the question, was this the first time?  Were there signs.  I feel like everyone’s flipping through shots of Rihanna and Chris Brown and they always seemed like a doting happy couple, but who knew?!  Of course now there are friends coming forward with quotes like, they “have a lot of ups and downs.  They’re all lovey dovey one minute and then they’re fighting like crazy.  They’re both pretty stubborn.” 

Brown is apparently being charged for criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon (fists are considered a deadly weapon) and Rihanna is said to have suffered contusions and bite marks.  BITE MARKS?!  What the hell was going on?  This story seems to be getting stranger and stranger as it unfurls out of nowhere.  Radar has info from another hospital patient who as there when Rihanna arrived, apparently screaming and crying.

However, according to an ’07 interview with Giant magazine there is a history of abuse in Chris’s “family.”  At a very young age, he witnessed his blind stepfather (blinded from a botched suicide attempt) beat up oh his mother.  Even telling his mother at the age of 11, that he would be in jail by the age of 15 for killing the man with a baseball bat.  I can’t say I blame him.  Any kid witnessing that treatment of their mother would probably be the same way.  But what drove him to hit Ri-Ri, R&B’s sweetheart.   That’s what everyone’s wondering.  I’ve heard all the ridiculous rumours, from he was coked out, to she gave him genital herpes.

Only time with tell.
God bless Rihanna.

February 10, 2009. Tags: , , . Celebrities.

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