Ya don’t say…

In the interest of being discreet, I won’t name names….

There was this random night last summer when I got unattractively drunk and this model I was hanging out with, got weird.  He made me leave the club with my friends and go to Cain nightclub with him and we were arguing and I was crying until I saw a friend from home.  While I was at Cain, this beautiful guy staring at me caught me eye.  He came over and I didn’t want model boy to get mad so I said pretend we know each other.  I even put my cell phone on the table and asked him to pick it up pretending it was his so he could put his phone number into it.  We made plans to meet in the bathroom and then went outside where we passionately kissed.  Like top 5 kisses of my life– before model interrupted and dragged me away.  The next day the beautiful European called.  I told him I couldn’t make international calls on my phone and he gave me the number of the embassy he was staying at….  This didn’t really alarm me, or make me think anything.  I just figured he was very wealthy– but I knew he wasn’t lying because he was so familiar with it, and one of my close friends lives next door to the place.

He told me he worked in the entertainment industry– what in particular I can’t say because it would be traced, so lets say he was an Xer.  Well my friends, while agreeing that he was a totally babe, was like this guy is a sketchy Euro liar– he was not staying at the embassy and he was definitely to young to be an Xer.   Well I went on a few dates with him, or hang outs and he seemed ok but he was a DIRTY TALKER.  So I said see ya later…, maybe I’ll call you when I’m in said country…

I still had a few of his numbers as well as his home number in Europe because we did correspond a bit after.  And 3 weeks ago I texted him by accident.  He’s been calling and I’ve been ignoring… until yesterday….  I was on the web searching for Mykonos in June planning for a trip to Greece I am taking with my best friend Kelly when I found a random blog.  The writer was witty and interesting so I go to her home page.  I scroll down and BAM there is a picture of the guy with a story about him that was in the press.  Turns out I was seeing a pretty high ranking European official’s son.  You never know who’s going to be your knight in shining armour.  Well needless to say I answered his next call.  We are once again in the preliminary stages of correspondence, so we’ll see!

February 2, 2009. Celebrities, politics.

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