Is Dirty Harry back?

This weekend Pat and I saw the movie, Gran Torino and it met Pat’s stamp of approval– and not just because it seemed to set a record for the most racial slurs in any movie.


Eastwood really seems to channel Dirty Harry in this pic where he plays a disgruntled Korean War veteran who hates everyone and everything except for his dog, Daisy, and mint condition Gran Torino, which he made himself in the Ford plant.  However it is not just another vigilante film.  As his Michigan neighborhood around him changes, Walt Kowalski steadfastly refuses to change, despite his Hmong neighbours’ efforts to the contrary.  Kowalski not only takes on gangs in this movie but the problems of a whole youth rebellious culture devoid of morals or identity.  The movie may show a lot of stereotypes, but there are truths in these; hopefully gang bangers and ignorant lowlives viewing this movies will realize how stupid they really look and how much they hold their race back.  I’ve read some posts and blogs raging about how the Hmong characters were portrayed as one dimensional.  OK, I’ll give you that but there are a fair amount saying that it’s just “Clint Eastwood attacking scared brown kids… and that gangbangers are unfairly always portrayed as bad guys when they are just scared kids with no options.”  To that I’ll call BULLSH*T.  What, are gang bangers taking time from destroying neighborhoods to spread good PR about themselves.  I’m sure gangs do consist of a fair amount of kids with no options, but everyone is born with a sense of right and wrong and your option is to avoid the gang.  When my cousin moved to Brooklyn mid semester from Westchester, the only public school that would take him was one in a bad neighborhood with it’s fair share of gang banging.  He said it was one of those schools with a metal detector upon entry.  This was a huge culture shock to him; his studies suffered; his car window was even smashed, but he did not join a gang.  So give me a break about the unfair depiction of gang bangers as bad guys.  They ARE the bad guys.

Gran Torino is definitely a must see.  Fun fact Pat clued me in on: The gang bangers are all played by regular Asian youths, not actors!

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