Go Amherst!

It’s a new day and it is wonderful that an Amherst Alum and an honorary Amherst Alum, have a lot to do with it.  valerie-jarrettLaura Jarrett ’07, and her mom Valerie have been all over fashion bible Vogue these past few months, Valerie, earning the prestigious title of “Barack’s rock” and Laura making Vogue 2008’s Best Dressed List, placing right next to Anne Hathaway! 

The senior Jarrett has been in everything from the NYTimes to Time to Vogue always looking stunning, poised and eloquent.  She was the co-chairwoman for the transition team as well as the White House senior adviser and  Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison.  I am sure she is making Laura–for whom she says she did all of this for– proud.   Born in Shiraz, Iran and educated in a New England prep school, Valerie Jarrett boasts a long lineage of people that made great strides in the African American community.  Her great-grandfather was the first African-American to graduate from M.I.T.; her grandfather was the first black man to head the Chicago Housing Authority, and her father was the first black resident at St. Luke’s Hospital. Though Ms. Jarrett has never worked in Washington, her great-uncle is Vernon Jordan, the well-known Democratic power broker.

She’s a little lady but a dynamic power house.  She met Michelle, then Michelle Robinson, when Michelle interviewed under Valerie who was then the deputy chief of staff to the Chicago mayor Richard Daley.  She was amazed by her and later Michelle’s then fiancee, Barack Obama and has since become the couples’ close friend and confidant. 

She made the change from corporate office to giving back to Chicago when Laura was born.  I had a few classes with Laura and did a few activities with her as I was on Social Council and she was very active on Program Board and she was a girl who you knew had her “sh*t together.”  As poised and eloquent as her mom seemed to be I don’t think I ever saw Laura in scrubby college garb, which can be why she made Vogue’s best dressed list!  Currently Laura is attending Harvard Law School… following in her mother’s well-heeled footsteps?

Kudos to the Jarrett ladies!  Wondering what they are wearing to the balls….


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  1. CassavaLeaf.com replied:

    I met Laura recently and she’s more beautiful in person

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