Thugs Bowl Too


I’m walking down the street today around Union Square and I see 3 super eager boys of the skater/ thug variety you’ll only find in NYC or LA standing outside of Bowlmor Lanes.   Then I see a pretty girl in a sweatsuit and about 5 people, what an entourage!  Mixed into this entourage is Lil’ Wayne!  Walking out of Bowlmor Lanes; I actually blocked his path a little bit as I looked up because I wasn’t sure who or what I was looking for but Escalades and an entourage usually means an ubercool celeb rollin’ deep.  I tell my best friend who is chilling in Argentina unemployed right now and her response was classic:

jobojangle (6:52:17 PM): were you at bowlmore lanes?
Nyny24 (6:52:25 PM): no, just walking past it
jobojangle (6:52:27 PM): i miss bowling
jobojangle (6:52:28 PM): i like it
Nyny24 (6:52:39 PM): llol why would i be bowling in the middle of the afternoon
jobojangle (6:52:44 PM): who knows
jobojangle (6:52:55 PM): why was he bowling in the middle of the afternoon?
Nyny24 (6:53:05 PM): true, but he;s lil wayne
jobojangle (6:57:27 PM): hah that’s true
jobojangle (6:57:30 PM): and i’m unemployed
jobojangle (6:57:46 PM): so i can imagine bowling during the day
Nyny24 (6:58:32 PM): hahah so am i
Ahh.. the unemployed life

January 14, 2009. Tags: , , . Celebrities.

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