LiLo attacked by her stalker


TMZ and Popeater report that Lindsay’s alleged stalker attempted to attack her outside of a Phoenix club on Tuesday night.  Realizing he was so close to Sam, he lunged at them screaming, “I love her!  I love her!”  Then he was tackled, detained and sent to jail.  Apparently, Lindsay and Sam didn’t even have a clue what was happening.  They were probably too swamped by paparazzi.  

Dina Lohan said once– in response to attacks about her being a bad parent– considering her every move is photographed, Lindsay has more supervision than most kids out there.  Touche Dina.  No one’s kidnapping Lindsay while she leaves Marquee (my prayers for that poor girl’s family)!  So in a way paps can be like protection.  I just have my pepper spray– which is all the rage among my friends now, I might bedazzle mine.  

My favorite part of the Popeater article could be this response– the comments on most of this shit is the best because 1. the people who comment must feel strongly, because it’s quite an effort to leave a comment and 2. the comment arguments are always the best, especially when board commentators on LiLo start to tackle things like race and world issues.  Here’s my favorite comment of this article:



01:25 PMDec 17 2008

so he immediately attacked her and started yelling ‘I love her, I love her,'” >>>>>>>>>>Smooth.What is it with these guys? Do they think women will fall like dominoes when they pull a move like that? Who needs someone that can’t contain himself in public? Stay off the sauce would be my first suggestion, then try being less terrifying.

Really?  Giving the stalker advice on how to woo Lindsay?  Sounds like someone had a rowdy ex….

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