Say it Ain’t So!

As I was running a few errands in the financial district today I planned to go into Papyrus.  I got a little distracted…


That’s right!  Man UGGS… MUGGS!  And not just the two you see in that picture, scroll down, you’ll see a third MUGGER joined the madness.  All different colours and worn in different ways to show their individuality.  Italian men are known for their chic wardrobe and style.  No woman can resist an Italian man in a well-made suit, but throw a pair of those on, fantasy destroyed. 

I own UGGS, but as I was telling Heather.  It has to be below 0 or a snow storm before you see me schlepping around the streets of NYC with them.  Nor will you see me in colourful or design UGGS… ech!  Those got chucked after freshman year of college when I drunk ordered a pair of bright pink, heart decorated Dooney & Burke ones.  (Of course no one bought them when I attempted to sell them on Ebay!)

Girls, tell the men in your life, unless he’s a surfer, to stay away from Man Uggs.  No matter how comfortable they seem, they’re just bad news.

December 5, 2008. Tags: , , , . Fashion.

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