Separation of Church and State

JUST KIDDING!  I’m definitely not going to tackle that serious issue.  But that’s how I explained my distaste for Obama-frenzy to my friend Heather, a reporter for NHK, which for those of you who don’t know is like the CNN or BBC for Japan.   As I am Heather’s live source for all things poppy, she’s mine for all things political, and I provide her with great outlandish quotes and soundbites.  When you wake up in Heather’s house, you wake up to MSNBC, and one morning, groggy, I said, “I’m sooo over Obama.  I believe in a separation of church and state.”

Heather started laughing.  I voted for Obama, I’m pro Obama.  However, I do not think McCain would have been a catastrophic choice.  And I do NOT think that Obama is the Messiah… smite me if I end up wrong and he is.  I love the Obamas, think they’re great.  Maybe it’s because of the celebrity involvement, maybe the great campaigning to get young and unfortunately often disinterested voters, but unlike ever before the media was SATURATED with Obama.  My New York Times could have pages and pages about his foreign policy, but my US Weekly should not have pages and pages about Michelle’s dresses.  Yes, they’re connecting to the people, but in some ways I agree with McCain, there’s a place for politics and there’s a place for entertainment and I really don’t like when the two mix.  Paris Hilton was a major player in the campaign… REALLY? 

People liken him to JFK– morbid comparison aside, I think with his magnitude of celebrity he can be compared to him in that respect, but Michelle has WAYS to go before she becomes as big of a fashion icon as Jackie O.

This article on my AIM today, with the link title, Obama Risks Overexposure, is what got me started on this tangent.  The actual article has nothing to do with this, but discusses how he will deal with the press while in office.  Press conferences every day, commenting on News networks etc.  It’s pretty interesting, I’d recommend.

Off to the library!


December 4, 2008. Tags: , , , , . Obama.

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