Slumdog Millionaire


I just saw Slumdog Millionaire and it was amazing!  I would definately recommend it.  It’s a British film by Trainspotting director Danny Boyle and Full Monty writer Simon Beaufoy.  It was two hours and not once did I fidget or check my phone.  Freida Pinto is absolutely gorgeous, girl crush of the season.  I sent her clothes for the press junket for this film while working for BCBG.  She’s so petite and cute.  Dev Patel, the actor that plays the main character, Jamal Malik, is amazing.  He’s in a great British show Skins, where he plays a horny goof, so it was great to see him in a different light.  The footage of the Mumbai slums were so real and you really felt for the street kid Jamal (especially the actor that played little Jamal, Ayush Mahesh Khedekar, such a cutie) even the antagonist, his brother, Shamil, deserves a pat on the back in the end.  It’s a perfect holiday feel good movie without the gushingly saccharine-ness that most holiday films are infused with.  Slumdog Millionaire is a definite must see and I 100% recommend it.  I might see it again!

One day, I’m going to get a walk on role in a dance sequence of a Bollywood film….  I better go start practicing my moves.

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Seven Pounds


Last Saturday, Pat and I went to see Seven Pounds, my first movie of the holiday season.  Will Smith is perfection and I have a new girl crush on Rosario Dawson–who looks sexy in patient scrubs!   I would definitely recommend it as a must-see this holiday season.  However, due to my ADD, of course I feel like it could have been a bit shorter, not 1/2 hr shorter but maybe 10 minutes.  However, I feel like that also has a lot to do with for a lot of the movie you’re thinking, “What’s going on?!”  You’re waiting for the end so you can finally figure things out.  Even I’m not exactly sure how everything fits together.  It’s quite Memento-esque in that respect. 


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And another sex tape rumour in 5…4…3…


Popeater reports that Paris Hilton’s LA home was broken into Friday morning.  Luckily Paris was not home at the time and no one was harmed, but he burglar entered through an open front door and made off with $2 million dollars worth of jewels and “other items.”  Can I be the first to bid on the Benji and Paris sex tape?  Any takers?

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Would you give the ring back?


“The painting was a gift Todd.  I’m taking it with me.”

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What would you do for $20?


Philip Zabriskie,Yale Alumn/ drug-addict, got $20 to be the getaway driver for a band of thieves intent on robbing Pretty Girl clothing store in Jamaica, Queens back in May– classy!  He wasn’t such a great driver as he ran over and killed the security guard of the store.  Zabriskie was sentenced to 9 years in prison.  GO HARVARD!

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LiLo attacked by her stalker


TMZ and Popeater report that Lindsay’s alleged stalker attempted to attack her outside of a Phoenix club on Tuesday night.  Realizing he was so close to Sam, he lunged at them screaming, “I love her!  I love her!”  Then he was tackled, detained and sent to jail.  Apparently, Lindsay and Sam didn’t even have a clue what was happening.  They were probably too swamped by paparazzi.   (more…)

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Snow and Anne Hathaway

Yesterday was my first time of the season being outside in the snow and it was glorious. Big beautiful flakes. Yay! I love the city in the wintertime. It was 65 degrees on Monday. Global warming getting a little scary.

Before I ran my errands– true to my woman of leisure fashion I caught a matinee of Anne Hathaway’s not so new movie, Rachel Getting Married.  Surprisingly the theatre had about 15 other people!  I liked it, or at least I wanted to like it.  There were times when the dizzying camera angles made me nausceous and the extended scenes showing how “artistically inclined” everyone but Anne Hathaway’s character was left me checking my cell phone.

200px-rachel_getting_married (more…)

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I love TV

“Monday, it’s drama with a capital D!  Behind the scenes of a real high school musical.  Over one hundred teens, almost all of them white, compete for just four lead roles in a black high school musical!  United by dreams, divided by their differences (flash to sassy black girl bitching about Britney Spears and hugging white girl in too much blue eyeliner).  So will they come together on opening night?  Monday– think there’s drama in you life, just wait til you see THE two hour tv-event of this holiday season.  Drama High.  Monday at 9 on ABC   You’ve never seen drama like this.  Tune into ABC Monday at 9”

Really ABC?

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Gratuitous Hunk of the day

While talking to Kat about how our love of half-Asians and Hawaiians, I thought of one of my first crushes.  He was a Baywatch babe.  Alas, not Hobie, he wasn’t man enough for me, but Jason Momoa.

jason-momoa (more…)

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Team Jolie-Pitt

I love Friends, and I think Jennifer Aniston is a straight hottie….  But something about her leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  It’s hard to articulate, but when I was having this discussion with Pat, what came out is “She’s just a LOSER.” (more…)

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