The Unemployed Life – Day 3 Back in NYC

I’m on Day 3 of being unemployed and I’m still pretty optimistic about the whole thing.  Having been laid off I feel very “American.”  Let’s face it, as a black girl from NYC I had about nothing in common with Joe the Plumber, but now with the whole economic crisis effecting me directly, I feel very in-tune with him.  I’m back in NY after hiding out in DC for a few days.  I was pretty proactive while I was there in finding a new job, looking and considering new careers.  I’m hoping in Puerto Rico I’m goingto reach this cathartic life changing moment.  I joked with a friend about staying there.  Maybe meeting the love of my life, maybe getting this glamorous job, who knows.  But just waking up and realizing this is where I need to be.  The feeling I had in Milan, is what I’m looking for.  I love Milan, it will always have a place in my heart– I just wish I had that feeling about more of a sun drenched locale, Alicante, perhaps?

Today I put the job search on hold, and focused on packing for Puerto Rico while simultaneously unpacking my winter wardrobe and signing up for unemployment.  I was just reading this article in The New York Times.  The Federal Reserve and Treasury basically implied that they would print as much money as necessary to alleviate this economic disaster.

Hmm…  That doesn’t make me feel very secure about the value of the American dollar.  I’m going to start using Monopoly money at restaurants.

Recession proof career? 

November 26, 2008. Tags: , , . Puerto Rico, self-realization, Travel, Unemployment.

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