Night of Chaos

I signed on-line this morning to be greeted by my friend Ryan with this link.  As though I wasn’t sufficiently freaked out, as I’m watching the news while going about my daily routine I see a breaking news story about the attacked on Westerners in Mumbai– there goes my dreams of starring in a Bollywood movie and becoming best friends with Preity Zinta.  I’m one of those “tough” New Yorkers.  After 9/11, I was pissed my mother kept me home from my soccer game on Randall’s Island.  But even I’m scared.  An attack on the transit system would not only be catastrophic in terms of the casualties but it would cripple NYC.  I remember the transit strike and how miserable that was.  Going through the subways system is like killing New York by destroying it’s veins.  I always ask, why NY, but I guess it’s an obvious strike against American capitalism and hubris.  However, at the same time, they’re attacking some of the most liberal minded people that live in the US, they’re attacking a cultural epicenter.  For the most part they’re not attacking the stereotypical bumpkins that they’ve come to detest.

I’m waiting to hear the Deccan Mujahideen explanation for this night of chaos in Mumbai.  What statement were they trying to make by attacking Westerners?  Interesting enough news reports are not only specifying Westerners but the British and Americans.  Is this a response to our war on terrorism and one of our few allies is shouldering the blame?  Or is this some kind of delayed post-colonial response with Americans just representing the new face of Imperialism, but their real beef is with the British?  Either way, not cool Deccan… not cool….

Woah, even the Rockettes are bummed out about the state of affairs.  The commercial just said, now more than ever we need Christmas Cheer.

November 26, 2008. Tags: , . deccan mujahideen, terrorism.

One Comment

  1. Dave Lucas replied:

    The Mumbai attacks appear to have been timed to coincide with the US Thanksgiving holiday (and maybe to scare both countries shitless)…

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